Rafael Nadal says he can't say whether he'll be ready to face Nick Kyrgios.

There is an elimination round coordination of Rafael Nadal with Nick Kyrgios on Friday. However, he says he doesn't realize he will be fit to play that match.

The Spaniard got through a tiresome five-set epic against Taylor Fritz on Wednesday, winning 3-6, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 7-6 every four hours and 20 minutes, yet on occasion seemed to be battling with a physical issue in his mid-region.

Over and over, Nadal stayed slouched over after a shot and was holding onto his midsection. The double-cross Wimbledon champion called the coach out for an evaluation in the subsequent set before, in the long run, utilizing a clinical break and leaving the court for treatment.

"I don't know," Nadal said, per Reuters, when asked if he would face Kyrgios. "Honestly, I can't give you a clear answer because if I gave you a clear answer and tomorrow another thing happens, I will be a liar."

After the match, Nadal rushed to admit in hospital, he considered retiring from the quarterfinal clash.

"I just wanted to give myself a chance," he added. [It's] not easy to leave the tournament, [it's] not easy to leave Wimbledon, even if the pain was hard. I don't know. I wanted to finish. I fought. [I'm] proud about the fighting spirit and the way that I managed to be competitive under that condition.

"I am used to holding pain and play with problems. Knowing that, when I feel something like I felt, that is because something is not going the proper way in [my] abdomen.

"But let's see. I had these feelings for a couple of days. Without a doubt, today was the worst day, has been an important increase of pain and limitation."