This is how traffic management is going on Mahashivaratri


Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has arranged the traffic management keeping in view the crowd on the occasion of Mahashivratri festival.

On the occasion of Mahashivratri festival, the traffic police will divert the vehicles as per the requirement as there will be a crowd of pilgrims in Pashupat area located in Gaushala from tonight.

Vehicles going towards Gaushala area will be diverted from Chawhil, Old Baneshwar, Dnyaneshwar, Maitidevimode, Ratopul, Setopul, Kalopul, Siphalchaur, Kutuwal, Gaurighat and Tilganga.

Similarly, the goods carrying vehicles will be diverted from Tinkune, Jorpati, Chuchchepati, Sinamangalpul and Basundhara.

The spokesperson of Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office and Senior Superintendent of Police Rajendra Prasad Bhatt informed that drivers have been requested to play a more supportive role in traffic management in Gaushala area on Saturday.

Route determination

Buses and microbuses

Reach Tilganga through Ratnapark, Bhadrakali, Sinhadarbar, Maitighar, Nayabaneshwar, Tinkune, Sinamangal and return to Ratnapark by the same route.

Reach Ratnapark, Bhadrakali, Nagasthan, Bhotahiti, Jamal, Kesharamahal, Mining Department, Lajimpat, Narayangopal Chowk, Chawhil, Buddh, Jorpati, Sankhu and take the same route to Jamal and then return to Ratnapark through Mahendrashalik Tindhara Pathshala.

Vehicles running from Kalopul to Kapan will drive to Maharajganj via Lajimpat, Mines Department.

Microbuses and tempos

From Sundhara, microbuses and tempos running towards Buddh via Maitidevi, Old Baneshwar, Chawhil will run through Mahendrashalik, Krishnapauroti, Jayanepal, Sinhdobato, Naxal, Bhagwatibahal, Sanagoucharan, Sifal Ukalo, Chawhil Ganesthan, Chawhil via Jorpati route.

Microbuses and tempos coming to Sundhara from Jorpati Buddh will run through Chawhil, Narayangopal Chowk, Lajimpat, Kesarmahal, Jamal, Ganthghar to Sundhara.

Freight vehicles

Freight vehicles going towards Maharajganj via Jorpati, Buddh, Chawhil should go via Chuchchepati, Bhrikutichok, Gopikrishnahal towards Sukedhara, Maharajganj.

Cargo vehicles going to Buddh or Sukedhara via Koteshwar, Tinkune, Gaushala and cargo vehicles going to Buddh go to Koteshwar, Satdobato, Kalanki, Maharajganj and Buddh via Gopikrishnahal, Kapan, Mahankal, Chuchchepati.

Cargo vehicles that need to reach around Pashupati via Koteshwar Tinkune will be able to go up to Tinkune.

Freight vehicles that have to reach around Pashupati via Maharajganj, Chawhil can reach Basundhara

Freight vehicles going to Buddh Jorpati from Koteshwar or Gathaghar can reach Buddh Jorpati through Jadibuti, Pepsicola, Gothatar bridge.

Parking management

1. In front of Telganga Eye Hospital – vehicles of pilgrims, visitors and tourists (foreigners).

2. Treasury office and warehouse at Dev Udyan:- Only government and police vehicles carrying pass.

3. Sifal Chowr:- Passed vehicles and local pilgrims vehicles.

4. Across Guhyeshwari :- Pilgrim vehicles coming from Gothatar, Jorpati, Moolpani, Gokarna Buddhist direction.

5. Vankali area:- Vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and drinking water tankers of associations operating camps on the occasion of Mahashivratri.

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