The title goes to Indrajit of India

Dolakha India’s young player Indrajit Mahindrakar has won the title in the international intelligence competition held in Charikot.

Mahindrakar, who stood first with 8.5 marks, also won one lakh in cash. Similarly, India’s Vedanta Nagarkatya came second in the competition and Mohit Kumar Soni came third. Nagarkatya, who became the runner-up with 7.5 points, received 60,000 cash and Sonye, ​​who came third with 7 points, received 40,000 cash.

India’s 6-year-old girl Anuparia Yadav became the winner in the competition under 12 years of age. She won the title by getting 4 points. Nepal champion Rupesh Jaiswal was tenth with 6.5 points, while Navin Tandukar, Nepal’s player with 6 points, became the best veteran.

Similarly, on the women’s side, Sri Lankan player SD Ransinghe became the first with 6 hunks. self One hundred and fifty-six athletes from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, America and France participated in the competition held in memory of leader Bhim Bahadur Tamang.

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