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Kathmandu. ‘If I don’t participate in the competition, I will decide. It strengthens itself in the technical aspect. That’s why I did the judging course,” said Uma Kungfu’s Kamal Magar, who returned from playing the role of a judge in Lucknow, India, just a while ago.

Uma Kung Fu International Medalist Kamal Magar is also the coach and judge of this game. In 2020, Kamal, who received his third dan from Uma Kungfu’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, has also completed a Kungfu diploma from Shaolin Wushu School in Beijing. Due to his excellent performance in Nepal, the Nepal Uma Kungfu Association gave him the opportunity to study in China on a scholarship. Kamal also plays a decisive role when his games are not competing. This time he reached Lucknow to act as a judge in the 14th National Kungfu Championship at the invitation of the Uttar Pradesh Kungfu Association of India.

He got that opportunity when Uttar Pradesh made a decisive demand from Nepal to conduct the undisputed game. After returning from India, he said that he continued to play the role of judge to improve himself technically. Kamal, who is also a former player of USU, has recently been active in player production. He trains in boxing at Lotus Fitness and Kick Boxing Club in Jorpati, kung fu at Sampada School and Uma Kung Fu at two other places. ‘I got a lot because of my teacher’s education. I will always work to produce players for the country. My goal is to use the knowledge I have learned abroad to produce talented players, – Kamal told his plan.

Kamal won an international medal for the first time in 2012. He won gold in the first international junior and senior kung fu championship held in Nepal. He won gold in 45-48 kg of Sanda fight. After that, the years 2018 and 2019 became memorable for his playing career. In these two years, he got a lot of success even from limited competition. In the 12th UMA World Championship held in the United Kingdom in 2018, he won a gold medal in Vipan Traditional Farmers and a medal in Chinese Farmers.

In the same year in the 7th International Kung Fu Championship in Thailand, he also won the gold medal in the short weapon. Where he also won a silver medal in kung fu fight. In 2019, he won two gold, three silver and one bronze medals. He managed to win two gold and one silver medal in the WMAC World Martial Arts Games held in Croatia. There he won gold in 60 kg sanda fight and short weapon. At the World Games in Austria, he was without a gold medal and where he had to settle for two silver and one bronze medal. Even though the competition was halted due to the Corona epidemic around the world, he won the gold in the short weapon demonstration under the online competition.

Didi’s inspiration in sports

Behind Kamal’s success is his sister Vimala Thapamgar. Because he was inspired by his mother to enter the field of sports. Kamal, a permanent resident of Solukhumbu’s Tapting, came to Kathmandu to study at an early age. Studying at Samata School in Jorpati, he was very fond of sports since childhood. When he saw others playing in the village, he also felt like playing. The opportunity to play comes only in 2060. Being his player, he lost his desire to play. Near his residence was a Wusu Kwan (wusu training ground). His sister admitted him there. Where he learned Usu from Udhav Thapamagar, a Usu coach.

At that time, he was studying in class one. Because of that, he was not fully aware of the game. Only after playing did he realize what he was playing. Gradually, he became fond of this game. He found it very attractive and agile game. More than that, he was interested in martial arts. ‘I loved to play when I was little. That’s why Didi has enrolled in the game. As he played, he became fascinated with the game. I took my studies and sports forward together,” Kamal said. Whatever I got was possible because of the game.’

While he was studying in school, he also used to train. Even if there was some competition, Kamal would go to compete. Because of the success he got there, he saw a future in the game. Ambition arose in him. “I chose sports over sports or anything else,” Kamal said, “Didi was a musician and she also taught music.” But, I chose the game.’ While playing, he also had the opportunity to teach at the playing field. Kamal’s mentor Uddhav Thapamgar saw potential in him and entrusted him with the responsibility of training. It also gave him more confidence.

‘I was studying in 9th grade. At that time Guru also started to be very busy. I was also a senior. Therefore, he gave me the responsibility of teaching Quan. There was a difference between playing and teaching,” he said. I felt that I could learn something new every day. It inspired me to work harder.’ In 2070, he passed SLC from Samata School. Then the Guru handed over that Quan to him. Since then he has been training in Jorpati. After completing Plus Two from Campion College, Kamal also started his own business.

He established a training center for the British Army and the Singapore Police, and conducts training there himself. He is also a trainer of King Gorkha training center in Jorpati. ‘I advanced my sports career and business together. The game gave me more confidence in running a business. Now the game has also become commercial. A situation has been created to earn by playing, he said. He has been playing wushu since 2060 and recently became a Uma kungfu player. Since Kamal’s guru was connected to Uma Kung Fu, he was also inspired towards it.

From where he also achieved national and international success. He chose this as his career and won medals in most of the competitions he played. Usu and Uma kung fu play styles match. Usu originated from China, while Uma Kung Fu was advanced by England. He studied up to diploma from Beijing Shaolin Wushu School in Beijing, China. ‘After taking up kung fu, I went to Beijing and studied. He had to study and practice for eight hours every day. I completed my diploma in seven disciplines from there. When I remember that day, I feel proud,” he said.

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