Thapa urges the government to submit the ‘Federal Education Act’ to Parliament immediately

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Kathmandu. Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa has pressed the government to submit the ‘Federal Education Act’ to Parliament immediately.

Mahamantri Thapa, who is also a former minister, also made it clear that he wants to pass the law from the current parliament session. Speaking at an event organized by the Education Journalist Group in Kathmandu on Friday, he proposed that since the education of class 11 and 12 is highly politicized, it would be appropriate to establish a legal system to monitor it by having an ‘education ombudsman’ in the province.

The constitution of Nepal has provided that the education of classes 11 and 12 will be under the local level. However, General Minister Thapa said that since it has become a victim of excessive politicization, it is necessary to arrange the Lokpal in the province itself to monitor it.

He also argued that a legal arrangement should be made in the Lokpal province to advance education up to class 12 so that the rights given by the constitution are not above.

Speaking at the program, educationist Prof. Dr. Vidyanath Koirala said that since laws are not formulated according to the constitutional provision, school level education cannot proceed smoothly. He also suggested the government to immediately remove the confusion that school level education is free and compulsory but private schools charge fees.

Educationist Koirala drew the attention of the government that there should be no delay in coming up with a solid opinion regarding the operation of private schools.

Educationist Koirala also claimed that school level education has not been effective due to the legal system that gives the impression of centralization.

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