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Thakurbaba and Kirtipur Municipality are thronging on Tuesday for the title of inter-city men’s kho kho competition organized by Bhaktapur Municipality. Similarly, for the third place, there is a tie between Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city and the host Bhaktapur municipality.

In the semi-final match on Monday, Thakurbaba Municipality emerged as the winner by defeating Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city. In addition, Kirtipur Municipality defeated Bhaktapur Municipality B and decided to travel to the finals.

Prizes and certificates have been distributed to the winning team by Sasad Prem Suwal. 1 lakh 50 thousand will be given to the first team, 1 lakh to the second and 50 thousand to the third team. In addition, cash prizes of 5,000 have been arranged for participating municipalities in each game. The match will be held at Maheshwari Sports Ground, Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur municipality has been conducting inter-city sports competition every year. Under this, volleyball in the first year, karate in the second year, athletics in the third year and intelligence competition in the fourth year were successfully completed. According to that, the Kho Kho competition was held this year. The competition started from 5th of February.

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