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Kathmandu. One year term of the local level has ended. Sports are also a part of it in the course of what happened in a year in various fields. Sports itself is a multipurpose field. Sports are indispensable for a healthy body and a clean mind. It is through sports that the head of the nation is raised.

Not only that, the country’s economy is also supported through sports. The role of sports is also important in raising the standard of living of ordinary citizens by creating employment opportunities. Therefore, it seems necessary and necessary for the nation to support sports as much as possible.

Only a few weeks ago, the Kageshwari Manohara Municipality signed an agreement with the National Sports Council to provide land worth 108 rupanis 12 annas 3 paisa 3 daams for the rugby ground.

No such support has been provided by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. That is why sports could not make any progress in the local area during the one-year tenure of the local level. If you look at it in some places, the sport has not been the last year. A Karate and Taekwondo competition was organized locally in Jaishidewal under Kamanapa-21.

Despite this, the local level does not seem ready for sports. The main reason for this is the small size of the budget, and with the available budget now, it is difficult to organize competitions in different wards. Udaychudamani Vajracharya, president of Kathmandu Metropolitan City-21, says that support for sports from the local level is low.

‘They give only 20-30 thousand. Because of this, sports competitions cannot be organized. We also need a place to play tol tol, we don’t have that. It does not seem to have any interest from the locals. Sports may have had zero impact at the local level due to not being able to organize a sports competition.’ – He says.

He said – ‘One person should always be employed to run the metropolis. If we can do this, we can bring money to the ward and organize sports. However, it is not possible to hold the Metropolitan Corporation. Someone should have free time to run the metropolitan city every day.’

Similarly, ward no. According to the president of 30, Dal Bahadur Karki, the clubs have been supported by the budget from the local level.

Similarly, ward no. Chairman of 17 Navin Manandhar said that the budget will be given according to the type of program. Similarly, Rajesh Dangol, chairman of Ward No. 25, said that the money coming from the local level is spent on clubs and community schools. He said – Sports materials are also given. Funds are also provided. However, you have to go with the program.

Manandhar strives to increase sports activities

Kaviras Sharma

Rajendra Manandhar has been continuously active at the local level in various roles for the past three decades. Currently, Manandhar, the chairman of Kathmandu Metropolitan City 20, has shown leadership in many development works in the 20 ward area for a long time. Although he has done many commendable works, he rarely prefers to appear in front of the media. Chairman Manandhar says that the sports budget allocated by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City is being put to good use.

He says that this time, from the small budget that comes for sports, the sports club in the ward has been upgraded, the ward-level futsal tournament and sports materials have been distributed to community schools within the ward. He also revealed that there is a plan to build a state-of-the-art gym hall in the under-construction building of the ward. He also insisted that if sports are to be developed from the grassroots, compulsory sports coaches should be kept in schools.

He says that if students are interested in sports, it will help them to advance their sports career along with their studies. He says that since schools are the fertile field of sports, he supports the community schools in his ward and the students studying there to play.

‘Wada has helped to build a court for playing in the charity school and has also provided financial support to the students who will participate in the competition’ – he said – ‘Not only that, there is an idea of ​​making a cricket academy in Shanti Park School with the students in mind.’

Since it is not possible to build an academy only with the budget received from the metropolis, the plan to build a cricket academy can be implemented if a business organization supports it. Famous player of Nepal and former captain of Nepali national cricket team, Gyanendra Malla is also a permanent resident of this ward, so it is thought that something should be done in cricket.’

He said that within the past one year, he has upgraded Youngstar Club, one of the oldest Nepali Boxing clubs in 20 wards, and also provided sports materials.

In the past, this ward supported and supported Bir Ganeshman Singh National Boxing Tournament. In coordination with Youngstar Club, there is a plan to organize boxing training and competitions in schools in this ward soon.’- He said.

‘Due to the lack of space, it is a bit of a problem to play outdoor games like football. Therefore, the idea is to increase sports activities by focusing on other games that can be played in less space.’

He says – ‘Not only that, it is necessary to start the tradition of keeping records of athletes who have made the country known to the international world and who have contributed to the development of Nepali sports in the respective wards. If talented players are to be born from every ward, the government should make a sports policy in every town and village and provide a budget accordingly.’

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