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2022 has been the hottest year in human history. It has set a new record in the temperature of the world’s oceans, according to a study. A study by a team of 24 scientists from 16 institutes in China, the United States and Italy, published in the international journal Advances in Atmospheric Science, has shown that there has been a high increase in sea temperature.

“Compared to the year 2021, the upper two thousand meters of the Earth’s oceans have absorbed a large amount of heat. This temperature is enough to boil 700 million kettles containing 1.5 liters of water,” said study author Cheng Lijing, a researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As more than 90 percent of global heat ends up in the oceans, ocean temperature rise is a key indicator for measuring climate change.

Scientists believe that the increase in temperature in the ocean is another proof of global warming. Every year since 2017, sea temperature rise records have been broken. Because of the ocean’s slow response to global warming, ocean temperature trends will persist for decades, Cheng noted. He said, “Apart from temperature, the study also calculated the salinity of sea water. Studies have shown that there is a further increase in salinity in areas of high salinity.

However, in areas with low salinity, the results are just the opposite. The trend of “adding more salinity to fresh water makes the area fresher” also hit a record high in 2022.” Studies have shown. According to the study, the rise in ocean temperatures will raise sea levels and lead to more extreme weather in the form of stronger storms and hurricanes. They are also less efficient at absorbing carbon, so more human-emitted carbon dioxide remains in the atmosphere and increases global temperatures.

“Better awareness and knowledge of changes in ocean temperature and salinity is a foundation for action to combat climate change,” Cheng added, explaining the importance of the study. In the study, the scientist has also published marine data recorded last year by the Chinese Institute and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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