Release of ‘Unity Journal’ 3rd edition by Pradhan Senapati Sharma


Commander-in-Chief Prabhuram Sharma has released the third edition of ‘Unity Journal’, a collection of strategic writings published by the Nepali Army for the third time on the occasion of ‘Army Day-2078’, in a ceremony held at Jangi Adda on Sunday.

The “Unity Journal” has been published by including the best 30 writings of the “Open Strategic Writing Competition-2078” conducted based on strategic topics of national importance with the participation of intellectuals, professors and researchers of Nepal who promote national security and national unity.

The articles written by Manish Jang Pulami, Biranchi Poudyal and Suman D.C. were ranked first, second and third respectively in the journal, which was published with the best 30 articles from intellectual personalities.

Commander-in-Chief Prabhuram Sharma awarded cash prizes of two lakhs, one hundred and fifty thousand and one lakh rupees, momentos and letters of appreciation to the authors of the article. In addition, during the release program, the authors of 27 other articles and compositions were also given awards and certificates of appreciation by Commander-in-Chief Sharma.

In the program, which started with the welcome speech of the late Sitaram Khadka, President of Sainik Smti Sangh, Dean of Tribhuvan University, former Chiefs of Staff of Nepal Army, Defense Secretary, Heads of other security agencies, professors, cavalrymen and officers of Nepal Army, editorial board of Unity Journal, writers who provided articles and Journalists were present.

The Nepali Army believes that through this kind of competition, the intellectual and educated class of the nation will develop the habit of researching and studying the various aspects of national security, and the interest and thinking about the love of the nation and national security will increase.

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