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Commander-in-Chief Prabhuram Sharma has said that security challenges are increasing in the country. Speaking on the occasion of Mahashivratri and the 260th anniversary of the establishment of the Nepali Army on Friday, Commander-in-Chief Sharma said that the security challenges in the country are increasing.

Addressing the rank and file of the Nepali Army, he said that security challenges today and tomorrow are becoming more sensitive and complicated than yesterday, so it is the need of the day to keep the professional knowledge, skills and training capabilities of the rank and file more specialized and correct in order to successfully deal with any situation that may arise. .

At the same time, he mentioned that the Nepali Army is moving forward in accordance with the foreign policy and national security policy by strengthening the relationship with the armies of the allied countries, expanding the areas of cooperation, increasing the capacity and sustainable military diplomacy.

He directed to work by utilizing the available resources and tools as they should always be prepared with high professional ability and courage for disaster management and rescue operations in order to further strengthen the trust of the Nepalese government and the Nepalese people.

While maintaining the values ​​and recognitions of service, selflessness, non-political character, professionalism, discipline and duty shown by the Nepali Army to the nation and the people, suggesting to all ranks to carry out the responsibilities given to them effectively, the Commander-in-Chief should think of harming the dignity of the organization for unnatural personal ambitions and selfishness. He said that no one is allowed to do it.

In 1819, 5 companies were permanently established in the Nepalese army. Taking the same year as the starting year of the establishment of the modern Nepali Army, this time Mahashivratri is being celebrated as the 260th Army Day.

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