President Running Shield from February 12th to 14th « News of Nepal

Baitadi In Baitadi, the district level President’s Running Shield competition is going to be held at the playground of Shri Krishna Mavi from February 12th to 14th. Chairman of Sports Development Committee Chaman Kumar Bhandari informed that the date of the competition has been fixed.

Earlier, the competition which was supposed to be held in Melauli has been decided to be held in Patan as Patan is the area where everyone can get their money.

Currently, municipal level running shield competition is being conducted at various local levels of the district. Tarkaraj Joshi, head of the office of District Sports Development Committee, informed that players selected from the municipal level will be allowed to participate in the district level competition.

The competition is organized for students under the age of 18 studying in secondary schools in local levels. Games like volleyball, kabaddi, athletics will be played in the tournament. Since schools are the birthplace of sports, it is believed that the competition will help in the production of athletes. -Rasus

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