‘Nepal is the weakest in IQ, politics is not something that birds do’


Arju Rana Deuba, leader of Nepali Congress, central member and member of House of Representatives and wife of party chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba, has said that the condition of Nepal’s IQ is very weak. Today (Friday) in Dhangadhi in Kailali, she said this during the training program organized by the Nepal Vidyarthi Sangh (Nevisangh) aimed at the Swaviyu elections.

She claimed that she had read only one report recently which showed the sad state of Nepal’s IQ. She said, ‘I saw a report, there is something like this in it. What to say now? It’s sad. Nepal is also one of the countries with the lowest IQ in the world. There is nothing in our system of education.’ He insists that the current education system should be changed.

Similarly, she has expressed her sorrow that the current generation is addicted to social networks and Tiktok. She said that she thought that the current generation would have a lot of talent, but that is not the case.

‘The current generation seemed to have a lot of talent’, Arju said, ‘but the current global report of iQQ does not show that, because the current generation is in Tiktok. Make a video on it. This trend is not good at all. Earlier we used to study a lot but now we have stopped.’
Therefore, he says that today’s student leaders should also study thematic matters.

Instructions to pick up good people in Swabiyu

Similarly, he has given instructions to nominate good people in the upcoming Swaviyu elections.

She said, ‘Now who can win in the campuses just by thinking hard? Who is the topper? Who can negotiate? Who knows everyone? Just think about all these things and choose the candidate.’

She added, ‘If you pick a good person from Barih and stand him up 2 days before the election, how can that person win? No one knows. And today’s voters look for direct contact. We can succeed in the election only after doing all this.’ That is why she has asked the student leaders to unite every voter.

‘We should not think that politics is something that is done by others. Politics is not something that any bird does, only ministers and prime ministers do politics. There is politics in our every day everyday things. You should prepare without forgetting this matter,’ she said. He says that women will also be empowered by politics and their lives will move forward.

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