Narainapur excels in performance evaluation

left Narainapur Rural Municipality of Banke has become the best in the country. Narainapur has been the best in performance evaluation of 753 local levels across the country.

According to the performance evaluation results recently published by the National Natural Resources and Finance Commission, Narainapur has become the first in the country. The commission made the evaluation based on the performance indicators determined for the provinces and local levels under the rule of section 7 of the provincial and local level performance evaluation procedure of 2078.

Narainapur has scored 78.5186 points in the performance evaluation. Pyuthan municipality of Pyuthan, which came second, got 77.2614 points and Mangala Rural Municipality of Myagdi, which came third, got 77.0926 points.

Chairman of the rural municipality. Istiaq Ahmad Shah said that Narainapur has achieved this result due to the dedication of public representatives and employees. Prakash Adhikari, the accounting officer of the rural municipality, said that the results of the work done late at night have been seen.

Narainapur is a village behind in the development of the district. Even now Narainapur is called the ‘Karnali’ of the district in terms of development. Electricity has not reached Narainapur, which is connected to the road network. Gaurav’s project Sikta’s canal work is being delayed. The municipality is weak in terms of education and health. Narainapur has attracted the attention of the country due to the performance of the rural municipality.

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