Khotang’s Barun Ghale takes on a Max Muay Thai fight in Thailand


Barun Ghale Gurung, who created the history of Nepal’s first fighter by defeating the Thai Muathai fighter, will be fighting in the Max Muathai fight to be held in Thailand on Sunday.

Barun, who reached Thailand from Nepal and started playing muathai professionally, is going to fight in the Max Muathai fight at the Max Muathai Stadium.

Barun, who came to Thailand from Nepal to compete in Muay Thai, has prepared to compete in a professional money fight with a fighter from Thailand in the 55 kg weight group. Barun said that he is going to compete in the competition from Erawan Muathai Fight Team.

The competition can be watched live from Max Muathai Stadium. Barun made history as the first Nepali fighter to win the Muay Thai competition in the 57 kg weight group in the competition held at the Rajadamnarn Stadium in Thailand on January 6.

Gurung from Kepilasgarhi Rural Municipality-4 Baksila of Khotang has participated in various national and international Muay Thai competitions. Gurung has made history by knocking out his opponents in various competitions in Nepal.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, which was started and used by the Thai Army during the war in Thailand. This game is considered risky because of breaking hands and feet and disfiguring the face.

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