Investigation started on 40 people who looted the bus park


On February 1, the police arrested 40 people who were involved in vandalizing and looting the Lotse Mall at Naya Bus Park and setting police vehicles on fire.

They were arrested by the police on Friday evening on the charges of setting fire to two police vans in the name of transport workers, vandalizing the Lotse mall and looting mobile phones.

The protestors ransacked Acidicy Mobile Pvt Ltd, Diamond Mobile Pvt Ltd run by Arjun Chalise and Kathmandu Super Market Pvt Ltd run by Gajendra Neupane in Lotse Mall and looted mobiles, chargers, recharges, earphones and other materials.

Police alleges that they also burnt a vehicle numbered Ba2jh 144 and Ba1jh 7224 of Police Circle Balaju and also damaged the traffic island of Balaju and Machhapokhari Chowk. During the protest, the temporary police post at Balaju Chowk was also set on fire.

Spokesperson of the District Police Office, Superintendent of Police Sitaram Rizal informed that 29 people involved in arson and vandalism and 11 people involved in mobile robbery have been arrested and investigation has been started. “Some other people who set fire to the police van and vandalized and stole some other people are being identified, we will arrest them soon”, said spokesperson Rizal.

The incident took place when the movement led by Nepal Transport Workers Association, All Nepal Transport Workers Association, Nepal Transport Independent Workers Association etc. Most of the people in the incident are drivers, co-drivers, students and workers of various hotels and restaurants.

Spokesman Rizal said that those involved in the robbery are being investigated by the Kathmandu District Court for the crimes related to theft and robbery under the Criminal Code (Act), 2074, Chapter 20, and those who commit arson and vandalism are being investigated for the crime of not causing criminal nuisance according to Section 285, Chapter 26 of the Criminal Code, 9 Act 0. is

Chalise, who owns a mobile shop at Lotse Mall, Kathmandu Metropolitan City-26, demanded compensation from the state. Engineer Deepak Kunwar, the operator of the mall, complained that the government could not protect the business. Stating that the mall is operated under an agreement with the Metropolitan Corporation, he says that it is the state’s responsibility to protect business and businessmen. “Due to the vandalism of the mall, 60 million was damaged, while mobile phone robbery caused around 150 million. Who will compensate them?” He questioned. Rasas

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