Harka Sampang, The 6th Mayor Of Dharan

Harka Raj Sampang Rai, also known as Harka Sampang, is a Nepalese politician and the sixth mayor of Dharan.

Harka Sampang was a famous social activist.

In the 2022 local election, he announced himself as an independent candidate for mayorship.

 Quick information about Harka Sampang 

Full NameHarka Raj Sampang Rai
Known NameHarka Sampang
BirthplaceKhartamchha, Khotang, Nepal
Father’s NameTil Bikram Rai
College/UniversityMahendra Multiple Campus

Early Life

Harka Sampag was born in 1983 in Khartamchha, Khotang, Nepal, and is now a Kepilasgadhi rural municipality.

He was born into a British Gurkha soldier’s family.

He spent his childhood in Khartamchha, Khotang, and later on, he moved to Dharan for his higher education.


Harka Sampang completed his SLC-level education in Khartamchha, Khotang, and moved to Dharan for higher education.

He completed his graduation from Mahendra Multiple Campus in Dharan.

During his education, he worked as a tutor in Dharan, but after completing his education, he went to Iraq and Afghanistan for employment purposes.

Political career

Harka Sampang first showed his interest in politics in 2019, and in the 2019 local election, he became the candidate for the mayorship of Dharan, but he could not manage to win the election and only got 422 votes.

In the 2022 local election, he again announced himself as an independent candidate for mayor of Dharan.

And this time, he was elected as the 6th Mayor of Dharan with 20821 votes or 39.8% of the total vote.

He came into the picture when he returned from abroad after six years of working, and he showed his curiosity to fight corruption and opened the national unity network to protest against corruption.

While working as a social activist, he also protested against tax increases, the sand mafia, which used to illegally extract sand from rivers, and Dharan’s water scarcity.

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