Former mayor Shakya’s insistence on the need to move together with the three levels of government


Kathmandu Valley East Mayors’ Forum has congratulated Rameshwar Shreth, Minister of Health of Wagmati Province.

The founder president of the forum and the former mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Vidyasundar Shakya gave a congratulatory message during a program.

On that occasion, the chairman of the forum and former mayor Shakya expressed his happiness that the member who sat and worked with the forum yesterday became the minister of Wagmati Province and wished him a successful tenure in playing an important role in making the provincial structure operational.

Former Mayor Shakya said, ‘Yesterday, when he was working at the local level, what was expected from the provincial government. Today, we are confident that when the same person reaches the provincial government, he will focus on fulfilling the expectations set yesterday.’

Shakya also stressed that the country should be led towards prosperity by meeting the concerns and expectations of the people through coordination, cooperation and co-existence between the federal government, the state government and the local level.

On this occasion, Minister Shrestha expressed his commitment to learn from the experience of being the mayor of Mahalakshmi municipality yesterday and follow everyone’s advice and suggestions.

Minister Shrestha also said that the forum of mayors of Kathmandu will take into consideration the policies, plans and ideas put forward in the background of the development of Kathmandu valley and the problems faced by them.

On that occasion, Madankrishna Shrestha, secretary of the forum and former mayor of Madhyapur municipality, expressed the opinion that the province should give priority to the development of the valley of Kathmandu like other districts except the valley.

The committee was formed to make a unified effort from the local levels to solve the problems seen in the Kathmandu valley. After the second election at the local level, the need for this kind of common platform has not been felt by the heads of the local level.

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