In Baisakh, there will be the ‘First Jantedhunga Invitational Gold Cup’ with the highest amount


The ‘First Jantedhunga Invitational Gold Cup’ with the highest amount will be held in Jantedhunga Rural Municipality of Khotang. In the joint project of Jantedhunga rural municipality and Jantedhunga Sports Development Committee, the gold cup with the highest amount in the district has been prepared from the 2nd of Baisakh to the 9th of Baisakh.

The Jantedhunga Sports Development Committee informed that they are going to hold the ‘First Jantedhunga Invitational Gold Cup’ by holding a press conference at the rural municipality’s office on Friday. In the Gold Cup, which will be held at the Khark Sports Field of Jantedhunga Rural Municipality-5 Chisapani, the first place team will get 255,500 cash and the second place team will get 155,500 cash along with a cup, medal and certificate.

Similarly, the chairman of Jantedhunga Sports Development Committee Suman Rai informed that the semi-finalist team will be given certificates along with 50,000-50,000 in cash.

In the Gold Cup, the best striker, the best goldkeeper and the best defender will be awarded 10,000 and the man of the match will be awarded 5,000. The Gold Cup has been organized for the purpose of development and promotion of the sports sector as well as encouraging the players. It is estimated that more than 3 million rupees will be spent on the Gold Cup. “The Gold Cup has been organized for the production and commercialization of professional football players,” President Rai said.

The organizers said that they will appeal to the sports sector, agencies and the sports-loving public for their support to make the Gold Cup a success. Secretary of the committee Amit Rai said that along with the development of athletes through sports, it will help in the development of collective spirit and in the promotion and publicity of the religious and tourist areas of the municipality.

It has been informed that for the development of football game and the enhancement of the players’ abilities, the process of registration in the municipality level sports development committee ANFA will also be carried forward. The press conference was attended by village president Aruna Devi Rai and vice president Khem Bahadur Khadka.

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