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Kathmandu. Nepal’s Kamal Magar has won a double medal in the UMA 9WMA European Championship. Senior Vice President of Nepal Uma Kung Fu Association and International Judge Sanjeet Kumar Rai said that Kamal won gold in Chinese creative and bronze in weapons form.

In the competition held in Gloucester, England, Kamal won the first place in Chinese Creative, beating 8 players. 7 players including Kamal participated in Weapons Firm.

Earlier, Kamal won gold in the UMA World Championship in England, gold in the World Cup in Croatia, silver in the World Cup in Austria and silver in Sanda Boxing in Thailand. Kamal’s manager is Suren Rai, member of Nepal Uma Kung Fu Association, Koshi Province.

Siddharth Kamal, President of Nepal Uma Kung Fu Association and international judge, congratulated that he has succeeded in raising the dignity of the nation with Uma Kung Fu by winning medals in continuous international competitions.

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