Commission Submitting Draft of Unified Election Law


On the occasion of the seventh election day, the Election Commission is going to prepare and submit a draft of the unified election law to make the election management timely with appropriate political, legal and institutional structures.

On the 7th of February (today), the Election Commission is going to submit the draft on the occasion of the seventh election day. The Election Commission is going to celebrate the 7th Election Day with the slogan that everyone is always together in the election.

Dinesh Kumar Thapalia, Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission, said that during the review of new practices adopted by the Commission along with compliance with the constitution and laws during the conduct and management of this year’s elections, some positive initiatives have been taken. He mentioned that guidance was also received to solve the problems and challenges seen during the last election.

Chief Election Commissioner Thapalia pledged to prepare for the next election by incorporating the suggestions received by the Commission and to proceed firmly in the aspects that need to be improved in the course of election laws and management. He said that elections should not be influenced by positions, money and access, but should be guided by integrity, ideas and principles.

Since this year is a special year for the Election Commission and general voters, I feel that the seventh election day will also be special and unforgettable.’

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