Army Day was celebrated by organizing a special program in Tundikhel


The Nepalese Army has organized a special program at the military platform in Tundikhel to celebrate Mahashivratri and Army Day.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari was the chief guest at the event. On the occasion of Army Day, President Bhandari paid tribute to the martyrs by laying wreaths at the Veer Memorial at Sainik Manch.

In the event, President Bhandari presented the Nepali Army’s annual publication Sipahi-2079 and Nepali Army’s history. Apart from releasing the book titled 1872-2007, she gave awards to Senani Jaganath Danai and Senani Tech Bahadur Karki who were first and second in free-fall jump. The President also presented gifts to Indian Army and British Army Wings.

In the ceremony, Nepali army helicopters flew flowers and displayed various banners including the national flag of Nepal. Similarly, rifles and cannons were added.

In addition to glimpses representing various parts and activities of the Nepali Army, military weapons, equipment and various military art performances, march pasts, free-fall jumps and other cultural dances and tableaus were presented. Bands were performed by the Nepali Army Band as well as the Eleventh Gorkha Rifles Regimental Center of the Indian Army and the Band of the Brigade of Gorkhas of the UK Army.

On that occasion, 555 (five hundred and fifty five) people were presented the rhythm and rhythm of Madal according to the purpose of preserving and promoting the original musical instruments.

The same presentation of Madal, which was held on the 4th of Falgun in the presence of Commander-in-Chief Prabhuram Sharma, has been certified as a world record by the World Book of Records, London. Sagar Katwal, representative of the World Book of Records, handed over the certificate of the feat to Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma in a special ceremony held at Sainik Manch today.

Honorable Vice President, Honorable Prime Minister, Speaker of the National Assembly, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ministers, heads of various constitutional bodies, secretaries of the Government of Nepal, heads of other security agencies, distinguished officials of the Government of Nepal, His Excellency Ambassadors, former Commanders-in-Chief, former Chiefs of the Indian Army, incumbents and Retired charioteers and officers, military aides from different countries and media persons were present.

On the occasion of the 260th anniversary of the establishment of the Nepali Army, all units of the Nepali Army stationed in different places of the country and abroad are celebrating Army Day-2079 with various programs.

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