Budget Session of Lumbini State Assembly begins


The budget session of Lumbini State Assembly has started from today. In today’s meeting of the Provincial Assembly, the Speaker read out the letter received from the Chief of the Provincial Assembly regarding the convening of the session of the Provincial Assembly and the appointment of the existing cabinet and division of work.

In the meeting, chief whip of Nepali Congress Janmjay Timilsina said that the government should make the budget by giving priority to agriculture, tourism and employment. “The prosperity of the province is the need of the moment. The main goal is to create jobs”, he said, “We hope that the government will bring the budget according to the people’s sentiments.”

CPN (UML) deputy leader Chetnarayan Acharya suggested that the government formed when the province was established had created a plan for the prosperity of the province and based on that plan, budget and programs should be made. He inquired about the plans of the previous government and their status. He asked, “Why the projects that were moved five years ago have not been completed yet?”

Chief Whip of CPN (Maoist Centre) Indrajit Tharu said that the government should make budget and programs based on balanced development. He said that the government should be able to address everyone’s feelings. “Development and prosperity are the basic needs of the present time”, he said, “Let the budget show the way to solve the present problem.”

In the meeting, a bill was presented to amend and unify existing provincial laws related to industrial business. In the first meeting of the second session, Santosh Kumar Pandey, Minister of Internal Affairs, Law and Cooperatives presented the bill on behalf of the government. This meeting of the State Assembly will be held on May 14.

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