Interaction between Ministry of Federal Affairs, Gandaki State Government and development partners


Organized by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and facilitated by the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, Gandaki Provincial Government, the ‘Interaction Program between the Government of Nepal, the Provincial Government and Development Partners’ was held at Hotel Pokhara Grand in Pokhara on Thursday.

The program was organized by the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration. It was organized under the chairmanship of Krishnahari Pushkar and the chief hospitality of Honorable Chief Minister of Gandaki Province, Surendra Raj Pandey. In this event, organized with the aim of reviewing the progress of state and local government support programs so far, and reviewing and reorganizing the program, discussions and gathering information among the concerned agencies, the Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and other responsible officials, high-ranking responsible officials of the Gandaki Provincial Government, the head of the Far West Provincial Government Secretary, including the responsible representatives of the development partner agencies had important participation.

Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration Kamal Prasad Bhattarai gave a welcome speech to all the dignitaries participating in the program.

In the program, Surendraraj Pandey, the Chief Minister of the Gandaki State Government, expressed the view that since the State and Local Government Support Program has been making a great contribution to the implementation of federalism, it should be continued effectively with some changes in the program as per the need in the future. With the request to provide support in the future, the program drew attention to the need to bring flexibility in the program implementation process, and expressed gratitude to all concerned agencies and development partner organizations for contributing to the initiative for program implementation and restructuring.

During the speech, the representatives of the development partner agencies, the resident representative of the United Nations Federal Development Program Ayshani M. Labe and Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office – Good Governance and Political Service Team Leader of the United Kingdom Dr. Andrew Long openly praised this interaction for the future course of action for the coming year, with reference to the program’s progress so far. He said that this gathering of political representatives and high officials was very positive by sitting in a meeting to review the program, expressing the opinion that the duplication of the program will be eliminated through continuous coordination and cooperation with other development partners working in their respective fields, and committed to always support for the effective continuation of the program in the coming days. was done.

In the program, the joint secretary of the same ministry, Scheem Shrestha, presented a working paper on ‘Brief progress review of the provincial and local government support program and restructuring process of the program for the transitional year’. In the document, the introduction of provincial and local government support programs, goals, structure and stakeholders, achievements, total cost and sharing, financial progress, monitoring and quality assurance, current situation, problems and challenges? And important information was provided mentioning the future course of action.

With the completion of the working paper, Ravilal Panth, Chief Secretary of Gandaki Province Government, Narayan Prasad Sharma Duwadi, Chief Secretary of Sudurpaschim Province, Secretaries and responsible officers working in various ministries, commissions and institutions of Gandaki Province, provided suggestions and feedback for program review and restructuring with their arguments on the state of the program and the future course of action. was

In Gandaki province, this program should take initiatives in the coming days to make many areas like health, transportation, infrastructure development, education, law making, livelihood, gender equality and social inclusion, development of online system in service delivery, entrepreneurship development, capacity building of technical team more agile and with related agencies. After extensive discussion, it was very positively agreed that the program should be modified as needed.

Dr. Krishnahari Pushkar, Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, who presided over the program, announced that he had received very positive suggestions for the future direction of the program and expressed his commitment to address those suggestions.

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