Emergency inspection of Veer Hospital by Health Minister Basnet


Health and Population Minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet conducted an emergency inspection of Veer Hospital on Friday. Minister Basnet, who arrived in Kathmandu on Friday morning after participating in the General Assembly of the World Health Organization, instructed the leadership to improve the service facilities of Veer Hospital so that the patients feel and see improvement within a week.

Stating that the service of other health institutions in the country cannot be improved until the service facilities of Veer Hospital are improved, Minister Basnet emphasized that the service facilities of Veer should be improved first. Minister Basnet said, ‘Veer Hospital is the leader hospital of the country. There must be immediate improvement in Veer’s service. ‘

Minister Basnet said that every doctor should make sincere efforts to improve the service of Veer and the Ministry is ready to provide necessary support for that.

Acting Vice-Chancellor of National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) to Minister Basnet. Dr. Bhupendra Basnet and Dr. Santosh Paudel, director of Veer Hospital, informed Minister Basnet about the services and facilities provided by Veer Hospital. Minister Basnet inspected important departments of Veer Hospital including Ticket Counter, Pharmacy, Hemodialysis, ICU, Emergency Room, General Ward, Gastro, Vice Chancellor’s Office.

Minister Basnet has directed to reduce the crowd at the ticket counters and to make the service easier, by making arrangements for purchasing tickets through online and making arrangements to inform the general public. Similarly, the minister has also instructed to put the information on the website whether the hospital beds and ICU beds are empty.

Minister Basnet directed that the 9-bed ICU, which is being prepared for operation at Veer Hospital, should be brought into operation within a week and the situation of having to be admitted without getting an ICU bed should be put to an end. He said, ‘There is no need to wait for the nursing manpower to pass public service in a few days. Even though the hospital’s manpower was strained, the ICU had to be operated quickly. ‘

As the number of kidney failure patients is increasing across the country, the minister also directed to increase the number of beds needed for dialysis, pay attention to the cleanliness of the hospital and increase the number of beds in the emergency room.

As the doctors and health workers working in Veer Hospital were found to be going to private sector hospitals and clinics during their duty hours, they instructed Veer’s leadership to take action against doctors who leave the hospital and go to private hospitals during duty time.

Minister Basnet said, ‘Initially, we request doctors not to go to private hospital clinics during their duty hours. But our request will be treated as weak. ‘

Acting Vice-Chancellor of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) Prof. Dr. Bhupendra Basnet said that according to the instructions of Health Minister Basnet, changes will be made in the service of Veer Hospital.

Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Population in the inspection team. Roshan Pokharel, Devkumari Guragai, Additional Secretary Dr. Sangita Mishra and Ministry officials.

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