Education, health and employment will get priority in Karnali’s budget

Surkhet. The principles, objectives, priorities and major policies of the Appropriation Bill, 2080 have been presented in the Karnali Provincial Assembly. Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning Vedraj Singh presented the principles, objectives, priorities and major policies of the Karnali Province Appropriation Bill, 2080 in the provincial assembly meeting held on Thursday.

In the Appropriation Bill, emphasis has been placed on the implementation of the 15th Plan of the Government of Nepal and the first five-year plan 2076, 2077, 2080, 20810 along with the five-year development roadmap of Karnali Province.

Based on the priorities determined by the plan, achieving the quantitative goals set to be achieved during the plan period and achieving inclusive, sustainable and high economic growth with the long-term thinking of prosperous Karnali, prosperous Karnali residents, education, health, production and to ensure economic, social transformation, equitable society and social justice. It is mentioned that the budget for the next financial year 2080/81 will be formulated with the basic idea of ​​creating infrastructure for employment. Focusing on the same direction, the main principles of the budget and program included in the Karnali Province Appropriation Bill, 2080 have been presented.

The state government has taken the goal of building a self-employed entrepreneurial society through ‘Karnali Samriddhi Abhiyan’ through multi-sector utilization and multilateral partnership for building a prosperous Karnali. Similarly, the policy of providing easy and subsidized loans by establishing financial institutions with the support of the local level and state governments is also a priority of the budget.

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