Red Machhindranath’s vote was shown in the presence of the President


The procession to show the votives of Rato Machhindranath, the god of rain and time, was completed on Thursday. In the presence of President Ramchandra Poudel, Vice President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and other dignitaries and the general public, the vote of Rato Machhindranath was shown on Thursday afternoon.

A photo of Rato Machhindranath is shown in Jawalakhel of Lalitpur. It is customary for the representative of Guthi Sansthan office Lalitpur to show the vote. The red chariot of Machhindranath on Thatitol Chaubato in Lagankhel was dragged to Jawalakhel.

It is customary to show voto on the fourth day after Machhindranath’s chariot is pulled to Jawalakhel. Accordingly, the vote was shown on Thursday. Now the idol of Rato Machhindranath is placed on a khat and taken to Bungamati. On the occasion of showing the vote of Rato Machhindranath, a public holiday has also been given in Kathmandu Valley on Thursday.

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