Adjustment of fares for vehicles plying in Bagmati


The Bagmati state government has adjusted the fares of public vehicles plying in inter-municipalities. According to Asman Tamang, secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport of Bagmati province, the fare has been reduced by 5 percent of the vehicle fare.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Transport of the province has reduced the fare rate of public vehicles running at the inter-local level within the province by about five percent.

The current fare rate of city buses operating within the valley has been reduced by 5.90 percent effective from Thursday. It has been decided to reduce the fare rate of 5.69 per cent for freight vehicles and 4.18 per cent for passenger buses within Bagmati province.

There is a provision to adjust the fare up to 5 percent of the fuel price. The Bagmati government has reduced the fare of public vehicles based on the same situation.

Earlier, the new rent rate was fixed on July 5 last year by the Ministerial decision of Bagmati Province.

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