Bhutanese refugee issue: Youth Union submitted 8-point memorandum to Home Minister (with letter)


The National Youth Union of Nepal has submitted an 8-point memorandum to the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha demanding an investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee case.

The youth union has submitted an 8-point memorandum demanding an investigation into the investigation and action, saying that it was done with an incomplete investigation and a plan to trap the innocent without going into the overall aspect of human trafficking.

Date : 2080/02/11

Honorable Home Minister,
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs
Singha Durbar, Kathmandu.

Topic: Without going into the overall aspect of human trafficking, the work done with the plan to trap the innocent and carry out insufficient investigation should be investigated.

We make the following written request on behalf of the petitioner Nepal Communist Party UML’s public organization Rashtriya Yuva Sangh Nepal.

1) By making extreme abuse of state power and making the country’s citizens fake Bhutanese refugees, the organized act of lowering Nepal’s reputation in the international world is not only fraud and corruption but also a serious crime like human trafficking. We express our gratitude to the government and the Nepal Police involved in the investigation for bringing some high-level people involved in this kind of work under the scope of investigation.

2) During the investigation, based on the audio evidence collected by the accused during the statement and the SMS, some high-level leaders and their family members were brought into the scope of the investigation and acquitted without even questioning.

3) During the course of the investigation, it is clear that during the course of the investigation, the investigation was sabotaged by political motives rather than the people involved and involved in human trafficking while changing the incident report. It seems that every detail of the research that should be done in a reasonable manner is influenced by the act of publicizing the research through the media and on the basis of personal and political interests. In this way, investigation should be done on the persons who have undue influence on the investigation and violate the confidentiality. Also, the government’s action of not prosecuting anyone involved in human trafficking and extorting crores of rupees from the public as witnesses has cast doubt on the entire investigation. We believe that the investigation is insufficient, incomplete and unable to break the human trafficking network.

4) In order to influence the statements made by the accused in police custody, some high police officers and administrative officers plan to take additional statements of some accused and the leaders of CPN (UML) will accuse, discredit the chief commissioner of the authority and take legal action based on the same statement and take political revenge. It is felt that there is a conspiracy up to the level of taking.

5) From the complaints and statements given by various people in the indictment published on 10th June 2080, it appears that before the 2074 general election, money was collected to smuggle Nepalis into Bhutan and take them to the United States during the then Maoist-Congress coalition government. When Chairman of CPN-UML Sharma Oli was the Prime Minister, there was a task to form a task force, but the task force did not do any work according to the plan of human trafficking. Even Balkrishna Panthi’s Sakkali report has not done anything to help human trafficking, but after the court order ousted the KP Sharma Oli government and formed the Congress-Maoist government, the human trafficking plan was implemented again, ignoring the fact that an accused close to the Congress made a statement defaming the UML and propagating it. It is clear that political interest has been added to the investigation of the government and the police administration. Giving political color to the investigation of crime should be stopped immediately.

6) The main goal of criminal law is to punish the criminal and acquit the innocent. Therefore, we request you to correct the weaknesses seen in the investigation and proceed with fair investigation and prosecution without pressure, influence and temptation so that the rule of law is realized.

(7) Therefore, the right to declare the guilt or innocence of any accused is vested only in the court, but no criminal should be acquitted because the police did not investigate, and justice is sure to die even if the case is brought forward with the intention of inflicting pain on someone for political revenge. . Therefore, on the basis of the facts and evidence, including the publicized audio, to prosecute every person who is involved in the crime and to stop the act of changing the statement or mentioning random names for personal revenge that has started to appear in the investigation of the crime, and to stop the act of making everything public in violation of the oath of confidentiality before the investigation. We draw the attention of the Honorable Home Minister.

8) Under the guise, trust and influence of power, some convicts are being acquitted and innocent people are being sponsored by the police to make them give statements. Rashtriya Yuva Sangh Nepal, an organization of conscious youths of Nepal, which advocates the rule of law and the rule of law, has become serious about the many tricks, conspiracies and prejudice-inspired activities that are taking place overnight to escape the guilty and trap the innocent. He wants to draw the serious attention of the government towards making the investigation process fair, transparent, independent and reliable so that no one who is really guilty of this incident escapes.

National Youth Association Nepal
Central Committee

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