Request to government representatives close to the people: Do not let hope and trust be extinguished

Kathmandu. At a time when the federal government system is taking an institutional form, it has been a year since the arrival of new people’s representatives in the local government, which is considered to be the main basis for the success of this government system.

Even though there are some distortions at the local level, it is the closest government to the people, but it has been established as the center of people’s hope and trust. Local government experts have said that the local level, which is in the role of the lion’s palace of the village, should not let people’s hope and trust be extinguished. The local level has initiated many development infrastructures. They have been providing services to the citizens from close quarters. They have become the people’s friends in sorrows and joys, despite this, some distortions have been seen at the local level, now the local level should put an end to the distortions seen there’ – experts suggest.

Chief Election Commissioner Dinesh Kumar Thapalia, who is considered an expert in local governance, says that since the local level is an important foundation of the federal government system, the local level should carry out its responsibilities efficiently. According to the Chief Election Commissioner Thapalia, the main role of making the federal democratic republican governance system successful or failing depends on the local level which is the lion court of the village. Emphasizing that the local level should be made good governance-friendly and people-friendly, Chief Commissioner Thapalia said to Nepal Newspaper – ‘For this, the local level should correct itself, and the provincial government and the central government should also provide necessary support and coordination.’

Suggesting that people’s representatives should be successful and advance their local level, only matters that can be done within the prevailing laws, regulations and laws should be announced as work, he said – ‘You should not work for cheap popularity. There is no need to announce programs that cannot be announced. It makes the representative unpopular and infamous among the people. People’s representatives should be able to bring only realistic and genuine programs.’

According to the constitution, there should be a relationship of cooperation, coexistence and coordination between the three governments. Experts suggest that central and state governments should establish necessary coordination and cooperation with the local level in accordance with the provisions of the constitution. This government under the federal government system is the closest government to the people. This government revolves around the people, so its special importance is increased.

According to the constitution, the local government has the important responsibility of creating its own laws, formulating plans based on the needs, demands and priorities of the local residents, carrying out development work, performing important tasks in the fields of health, education, agriculture, providing local services and keeping the local people happy. .

With the establishment of the federal government system by the constitution, the authority of the center has reached the villages through the local level. That is why the local level is proudly called as the lion palace of the village.

Thapaliya, an expert in local governance, points out the need for people’s representatives at the local level to keep close to the people and work for the benefit of the people. He said that if any of the programs brought by the current local people’s representatives in the past could not be implemented, such programs should be closed and good programs should be brought that can be implemented. Insisting that the new people’s representatives should transform distribution-oriented plans and programs into production-oriented ones, he said that they should be able to bring plans and programs that are of long-term benefit rather than immediate benefits.

He said – ‘Rather than the representative of the people, I should be able to say that I will provide free treatment to all the senior citizens of my municipality in any health institution at the local level. People’s representatives at the local level do not mean that I will distribute copy pens to students, but I will give free and quality education in the schools of our municipality and there is a need to take the courage and determination that I can make the necessary investment to hire any kind of skilled teacher for that. People’s representatives should be leading in the field of education and health rather than distribution oriented in qualitative improvement.’

According to experts, the local level should emphasize production and results, not the process, in terms of agriculture, and should be able to link production with employment. Former Secretary Shyam Prasad Mainali, an expert in administration, suggested that people’s representatives should read what they wrote in their manifesto once a week. He said – ‘You should be able to keep the commitments you have made in the past in your office. The plans included in the manifesto should be elaborated.’

According to him, another important task to be done by local people’s representatives is the effective mobilization of resources. Internal and external resources should be mobilized and identity should be maintained between these two resources. Administrative expenses are being spent unnecessarily in most places. It should be cut. Commenting on the fact that allowances should not be taken in the meetings of the executive and assembly meetings at the local level, Mainali said – ‘Distribution of unnecessary allowances should be completely prohibited. Improvement should be done by yourself. Spending on consultants is unnecessary, that should also be removed.’

In the same way, local people’s representatives should be able to use local technology while working at the local level in other tasks. Some local levels have done unnecessary tax collection, they should not do that. Former administrator Mainali said – ‘Tax should not be increased, but the scope of tax should be increased. Unnecessary duties and fees should be removed. In this way, the new representative should bring important and realistic programs that will make the people feel relieved.’

According to local level experts, many cooperatives are operating at the local level. Every municipality should operate a cheap market in at least one ward. For that, cooperatives can be subsidized as needed. Citizens will be able to feel a lot of relief if every item is offered at a cheaper price than elsewhere in the cheap market. The main task of the local government is to provide relief and services to the local residents.

Stating that the previous people’s representatives worked on making laws and regulations in a period of five years, the experts said that if the current people’s representatives combine the law with technology and work accordingly in the next 4 years, the local government will be successful. Experts have suggested that the people’s representatives should make a systematic system of service delivery and show managerial efficiency as well as capacity, saying that the local level can make the journey of prosperity easily successful only if the method can be combined with technology.

A matter for public representatives to pay attention to

– Be a friend of people’s sorrows and joys
– An orderly system of service delivery should be made
– Good governance should become friendly and popular
– Must work within the prevailing laws and regulations
– You should read your manifesto once a week
– A manifesto should be placed on the pillow of the house and in the office
– We should proceed with an action plan
– Distribution-oriented plans and programs should be converted into production-oriented ones
-Unnecessary duties and fees should be removed
– Special attention should be paid to the quality of health and education
– The suggestions given by the Accountant General and the Authority should be implemented

Therefore, people’s representatives play an important role

Local level officials themselves have played a major role in making the federal government system successful and unsuccessful. If you do not work properly, the common people may become disgusted with the federal government system itself. Yesterday, people expected behavior and integrity from the Centre.

Today, he expects virtue and integrity from the government and officials in front of him. In order to make the governance system more effective in the changed environment, officials should be more disciplined, dutiful and have high character. Nepal newspaper expresses its commitment to always advocate regularly on this issue.

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