Binu Yadav’s satyagrah was broken with the four-point agreement


The satyagraha, which has been fasting for fifteen days, has been broken between Binu Yadav and the government side with a four-point agreement.

After Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha assured to address Yadav’s demands, Yadav’s satyagraha was broken today by drinking juice. Among Binu Yadav’s demands for satyagraha, it has been agreed that the Ministry of Home Affairs will send the Attorney General’s Office to take action on the petition of Pawan Kathayat’s forced labor against Yadav.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Shrestha assured that the government will make all efforts to address Yadav’s demand. “If we are investigating many cases, we cannot investigate this case!”, he said, “Where there is injustice and suffering, we are trying to address it.” We will give you justice with all our efforts.”

Yadav requested Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Shrestha to fulfill his demands as agreed. “According to the agreement with the government, if my demand is not met, I can even choose the path of self-immolation”, he said.

It has been agreed that the matters under consideration in the court will be judicially resolved by the court, that other demands will be sent in writing to the relevant body having jurisdiction, that Yadav will be treated in writing and that the necessary support for his livelihood will be sent to the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens.

For the past 15 days, Yadav had sat on a satyagraha in Maitighar Mandla demanding action against the then Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Suraj Karki, who asked the Kalimati Police to return the complaint of extortion against him in 2075 and various other five-point demands. He demanded action against Judge Badri Prasad Oli and Yadav’s uncle-in-law Pawan Kathayat.

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