‘Kunwar is not involved in fake refugee case’


The IGP’s secretariat has said that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Basant Bahadur Kunwar is not involved in the fake refugee case.

On Wednesday, Deputy Inspector General of Police and Central Police Spokesperson Kuwer Kadayat issued a press release and said that it is reprehensible to drag the IGP into controversy to establish the exaggerated fact that the police chief himself took financial advantage from the accused in the refugee case based on a conversation between two people.

“It was found that the then head of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office (currently Inspector General of Police) Vasant Bahadur Kunwar was in contact with the accused in the case of making fake Bhutanese refugees, and he was trying to protect the former home minister,” the statement reads. The Nepal Police Headquarters expresses its complete disagreement with the news, which is communicated on a sensitive matter like crime investigation without evidence, as it will create confusion in the public mind and damage the credibility, image and chain of command of the Nepal Police Organization.

It is also mentioned in the statement that it is sad for the organization that when the Nepal Police has successfully investigated and presented the case in the case of fake refugees, it is a tragedy for the organization that the Inspector General of Police is involved in making the news to drive away the accused.

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