Honoring Budha Magar, the record climber


Speaker of the National Assembly Ganesh Prasad Timilsina has honored record climber Hari Budhamgar. President Timilsina honored his team including record climber Budhamgar at his office Singha Darbar on Wednesday.

Honoring President Timilsina, he said that even though Budhamgar lost both his legs, he was a source of inspiration for everyone by climbing Mount Everest. He emphasized that the government should respect the elderly. He said, “Government should provide various jewels on the occasion of Constitution Day.” He should also be highly respected by the government and take initiative for this.”

After receiving the honor, Budhamgar recalled that he was not given permission to climb the mountain at first and said that he was happy to receive the honor today. He said that along with his climbing, a message was sent to the world that people with physical disabilities are also welcome to climb mountains in Nepal. The old man said that the message was sent that people with physical disabilities still need life and courage and will to do something new. He said, “I am very happy to be honored today. This is an honor not only for me but for all disabled people. A message has been sent from here that everyone is welcome in Nepal. When the band first came out, the message was that they are not welcome in Nepal, it has given a message that everyone is welcome. With their climbing, the message has been sent that life is not over for people with disabilities in Nepal and in the world, something can be done.’

Budhamgar has stepped on the summit of 3 Everest on 5th June 2080 in the afternoon. Along with this, Budhamagar, a former Gurkha soldier, has set a new world record for being the first ‘double amputee above the knee’ to climb the summit of Mount Everest.

(Prosthetic) with the help of prosthetic legs, Budhamagar has climbed Mt. Everest. After nearly 5 years of effort, Budhamgar successfully climbed Mount Everest. Budhamgar, who belongs to Mirul Ghar in Thabang Rural Municipality of Rolpa, lost both his legs above the knee in 2010 during the war in Afghanistan while he was in the British Army.

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