50 billion budget is needed to implement policies and programs: Prem Ale


CPN (Unified Socialist) MP Prem Bahadur has said that 50 trillion budget will be needed to implement the policies and programs brought by the government. Speaking in today’s meeting of the House of Representatives in the discussion on policies and programs, he said that the implementation of policies and programs is challenging at a time when the country is in a serious economic crisis.

‘Some very good and ambitious programs have come. It should not be complicated and ritualistic when implementing it,’ he said. According to the Auditor General’s report, only 37 percent of the policies and programs of the previous year have been implemented. Similarly, he suggested that since the government’s budget expenditure is not satisfactory, it should be presented strictly in terms of implementation.

He said that the government should give priority to road transport and air transport. He said that Dhangadhi-Dipayal-Chainpur-Urai Bhanjyang road section should be developed as a project of national pride and transformation. He said that it can be developed as a tri-national road as the shortest road connecting Kailash Mansarobar. He also suggested that no tax exemption should be decided as it would only bring financial benefits to certain businessmen but it would cause problems in the government’s treasury.

Similarly, he objected to the collection and distribution of gravel and sand from rivers and streams. He said that the excavation of the Chure area will destroy the ability to absorb rain water and this will affect the agricultural sector even more. Nepal is now a party to various international treaties related to climate protection. Based on that, Nepal’s environment protection, Forest Act 2076 and its regulations have been made recently,” he said, “If these laws and regulations are changed year after year, our international image will be further blurred. Laws and regulations are not documents that should be changed for someone’s convenience and self-interest.’ Those who opposed the decision of the then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli-led government to remove gravel stones when he was the Forest Minister said that it is wrong to take such a decision now.

At that time, the leaders of the then five parties had signed against the decision to export the stolen ballast stones. The five parties of that time are now in the government,’ he said, ‘Prachanda, one of the signatories of that time, is now the leader of the government. But the decision was the same as before.’ Similarly, he said that the government should pay attention to two important things in order to make the revenue administration more robust and agile.

The government should come forward strictly to collect the arrears of the old revenue. He said that the government should be ruthless in order to control revenue leakage, otherwise the businessmen will be fed, wiped out and the state will fall into a serious financial crisis and the country will collapse. Similarly, the MP informed that when he was the Minister of Culture and Tourism, the government strictly collected 1 billion 50 million revenue from casinos alone and revoked the license of non-paying casino operators.

Currently, it appears that the government is yet to collect more than 2 billion revenue (renewal, royalty) from the casino. However, no steps seem to be taken towards revenue collection. He said that it is important for the relevant minister to work rather than showing favoritism. In the old Lalpurja of Pashupati Area Development Fund, the Gothatar’s land is 534 ropani, but on 22nd of Chait 2079, with the signature of only two people, the minister and the member secretary, it has been understood that only 504 ropani have been decided to be transferred, so what is the basis that the remaining 30 ropani of land has not been embezzled? He also asked questions.
He also requested the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to conduct a necessary investigation into the issue of looting of around 30 ropani land in Gothatar and the decision.

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