In the case of Bhutanese refugees, whether it is the family or Bardali, everyone should be investigated: Thapa


Nepali Congress General Minister and Member of Parliament Gagan Thapa has demanded action against whoever is involved in the crime of sending Nepali citizens as fake Bhutanese refugees to America.

Speaking at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, MP Thapa said that there should be an investigation on all those who were found guilty in the investigation, be it Bardli or the house named in the refugee case.

MP Thapa said that the government and the court are being examined in the case of fake refugees.

‘The way the names are coming now, it’s like being shamed. Listening to who has fallen, who has not fallen. It seems that those who are taking responsibility around us will be dragged one after another. But the government’s test will be seen in this. ‘Whether it’s a house or Bardli’s. Be it a leader or a relation. No one should be left out whether it is saluting or receiving salutation,’ he said.

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