Adorned with decorations and medals from the Commander-in-Chief


On the occasion of the Constitution Day, 39 people, including officers, medals and other ranks, were decorated with various decorations and medals.

Among the recipients of decorations and medals announced on Constitution Day 2079, Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma decorated a total of 39 people with decorations and medals, including 21 officers, 6 officers and 12 others, during a program organized at Jangi Adda on Tuesday.

Charioteer Shri Saroj Pratap Rana, Chief Charioteer Shri Sitaram Khadka and officers were present in the program.

On the occasion of Constitution Day last Ashwin 03, 27 people of Nepali Army received various honors, 27 people received decorations and 29 people received medals.

Those who received the honorary degree have been decorated by the Honorable President in the beautification ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 01 Baisakh.

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