MP Pant’s warning to former king Shah – Do not try to become king for the third time


CPN (UML) MP Raghuji Pant has warned former king Gyanendra Shah not to try to become king for the third time.

MP Pant gave this warning while talking to mediapersons at the Federal Parliament Building, New Baneshwar on Tuesday. He said that the monarchy has left Nepal through a process and said that it is the desire of the Nepali people to leave the monarchy.

He mentioned that the king had abdicated peacefully and that the parties had not taken any revenge and the country had given respect and protection to Shah as the former president. The former king warned that the respect given by the state should be appreciated.

He said, ‘Gyanendra became king twice, don’t try to become king for the third time. Monarchy has been abolished according to the wishes of the Nepalese people. In many places where there was a revolution, the monarchy was completely destroyed. The country has given respect and protection to the king as a former president. The king had to appreciate that. If you want to do politics, the constitution does not stop it, open a party.’

Likewise, CPN (Maoist Center) MP Madhav Sapkota claimed that he should not be ashamed of the activism of former King Shah. He clarified that the monarchy will not return because of the dispute between the parties. He said that the republican system has not failed and the monarchy will not return.

Nepali Congress Member of Parliament Ramhari Khatiwada said that they had no concern when the former king was walking as a Nepali citizen. He commented that democracy will not end if someone wanders within the scope of Nepal’s laws and constitution.

Rashtriya Swatantra Party MP Manish Jha commented that as long as political achievements cannot be institutionalized and there are weaknesses in the parties, some elements will continue to be removed.

He said that there is no risk to the current system.

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