Policy and programs are not a figment of imagination: Prime Minister


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that the policies and programs of the next fiscal year are not a stretch of imagination.

In the National Assembly meeting held on Tuesday, Prime Minister Prachanda answered the questions and queries raised by the members of the National Assembly on the policies and programs of the government for the next financial year and said that the issues that were left out of the policies and programs will be addressed in the budget.

He said that the policies and programs that have assimilated the national aspirations have emphasized the improvement of federalism, restructuring the structure of the economy, modernization in agriculture, corruption control and good governance.

He said that there was no political bias in the policies and programs, and he said that the programs in the fields of agriculture, education, health, women and employment, which were associated with the name of the president or the prime minister, have been continued since the past.

Prime Minister Prachanda says that the multi-year and national priority projects that have been in operation since the past and have long-term effects of national importance will be continued in the coming year.

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