Finance Minister Dr. Meeting between Mahat and MCC Vice President Jonathan Brooks


A delegation led by Jonathan Brooks, Vice President for Europe, Asia, Pacific and Latin America Affairs of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) met with Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat.

During the meeting, the overall status of the implementation of the project being carried out by MCC under the Millennium Challenge Account Nepal Development Committee was discussed, according to Finance Minister Mahat’s Secretariat.

The secretariat said that the MCC officials visited to get information about the preparation status of the project as the implementation date of the MCC agreement (August 2023) is approaching and the project should be completed within five years from the implementation date.

During the meeting, MCC Deputy Vice President Brooks expressed his satisfaction with the progress made in the preparatory work such as land acquisition and purchase process for the project. Similarly, it is said that there was a detailed discussion between the two sides about the remaining works that should be completed before the implementation of the agreement.

During the meeting, Finance Minister Dr. Mahat expressed his belief that this project can be completed within the predetermined time period and become an example in the project management of Nepal and promised to finish the important issues in the project cycle as soon as possible by completing the process of the law. Minister Dr. Mahat expressed his opinion that the success of the project under MCA would be exemplary for other projects as well and expressed his gratitude to the officials of MCC for visiting Nepal and discussing it.

MCC Deputy Vice President Brooks earlier met with Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha and asked for facilitation in the acquisition of land for the project.

Through the Millennium Challenge Nepal Account Development Committee, about 315 kilometers of 400 KV double circuit transmission lines and about 350 kilometers of strategic road network expansion and maintenance projects are being worked on.

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