The former king’s question: Hasn’t everything from Nepali been taken away?


Former king Gyanendra Shah has said that there is a question about the existence of self-respecting Nepalese or not. Former Raja Shah said this while addressing the citizens’ felicitation held in Dhangadhi on Monday.

He said that the honor and glory of the country has disappeared due to the actions of high-level leaders in Nepal. He said, ‘Our dignity and pride have disappeared from what they are doing today by making the Nepali people refugees and sending them to work in other countries despite their land and national existence.

The feeling that let’s live in the country, let’s sweat in the country and give our own country with our ancestors is disappearing.’ He asked, ‘Is this what he means by new Nepal? Is the pioneer means the slow Nepal? Does Nepal not have its own existence? We are brave, hardworking and self-respecting Nepalis, but today our bravery and our self-respect, our labor skills have all been taken away?’ Shah said, ‘Seeing such a terrible scene, all of our eyes are watering.’

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