Government is committed to establishing professional rights: Prime Minister Dahal


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the government is committed to establishing the professional rights of businessmen.

In a meeting today with the leadership of Manikaratna Shakya, President of the Nepal Gold and Silver Traders Association, Prime Minister Dahal urged to conduct business in a safe manner and made it clear that the government is committed to solving any problem during the course of business operations.

He said that the government will provide all kinds of support for the interests of businessmen and that the government will and is working together with the private sector. During the meeting, Manikaratna Shakya, president of Mahasangh, said that due to lack of raw gold supply as per the demand, there is difficulty in business operations.

He drew the attention of the government to arrange the supply of gold according to the market demand by making necessary policies and rules for business operations.

On behalf of the Maha Sangh, outgoing president Mohan Kumar Sunar, special member Mani Ratna Shakya, vice presidents Mohankaji Shakya, Vipin Ramudamu and Mahendra Shakya were present. The Federation has already been included by the government as a member of the Industry and Commerce Promotion Dialogue Committee.

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