It is essential to complete the Medical Education Act: Prime Minister


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said that it is imperative to complete the Medical Education Act.

Speaking at the eleventh meeting of the Medical Education Commission on Monday, Prime Minister Prachanda said that it is necessary to reach a new synthesis based on the review of various experiences in the medical field.

Prime Minister Prachanda pointed out the need to complete the work of law making to solve every problem in the medical field.

Prime Minister Prachanda said, “Many young doctors have spent millions to study. But there are 30,000 to 40,000 jobs in Nepal and I have heard people saying why stay in Nepal because they have this and that facilities abroad. I express my commitment to make arrangements in the law to solve all these problems.”

The prime minister said that the law prepared by the commission should be taken forward in the national interest. Stating that the various problems in the country are reflected in the medical sector of Nepal, Prime Minister Prachanda also said that there is a need for qualitative cleaning in the medical sector as well.

Prime Minister Prachanda said, “The country’s economic, political, social, cultural and overall situation is like that, it is natural that it should be reflected in all areas. The health sector is also a part of the overall situation of the country. This problem is also reflected here. Just as there is a need to improve in other areas, there is a need for qualitative cleaning.”

The Prime Minister, who was also the chairman of the meeting, expressed his happiness that there was a lively discussion on medical education in the meeting.

Prime Minister Prachanda said, “Today I am happy in this sense, today’s meeting seems to be a more conscious meeting.” Where is the crux of the problem in the field of medicine? Your presentation has helped to understand that.”

In the meeting, the members of the Medical Education Commission expressed their opinions about the preparation of the national curriculum format, the projection of manpower, and the formulation of the national policy related to medical education.

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