The mayor of Dhorpatan absconded after not paying the amount of the cooperative

Kathmandu. Mayor Devkumar Nepali of Baglung’s Dhorpatan Municipality has been out of touch for three days. He is also the founder president of Image Savings and Credit Cooperative and has been out of touch after not being able to pay crores of rupees to the Nepali cooperative. The share members allege that the Nepalese, who sometimes stopped the helicopter on the roof of the house and influenced the very pompous leaders, embezzled the funds of the cooperative.

‘We tried to contact the district administration office after the shareholders of Image Cooperative came with a petition saying that the mayor had run away. However, he is out of touch’ – said Roshni Kumari Shrestha, Chief District Officer of Baglung. According to Shrestha, 4 days ago Mayor Nepali gave a letter saying that there was continuous mental stress due to financial problems in the area police office Burtibang. In the letter, Shrestha said that due to mental stress, he had to go out for medical treatment for some time and requested to protect his property. Prazia Shrestha said, “He went missing after giving a report to the police. Although there is no information from the municipality, the administration is constantly looking for him.”

Dhan Bahadur Kayat, deputy head of the municipality, said that he was now out of touch after giving him the acting head of the city. “He left on the 5th with a letter asking him to act as caretaker until he comes back, after that I don’t know where he is, the phone is off and there is no contact,” said Deputy Chief Kayat. Deputy Chief Kayat said that he heard that there was a problem in the cooperative, where he went after giving the letter, and why he disappeared.

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