Fake Bhutanese refugee case


District Police Complex Kathmandu has prepared to submit its investigation report to the district attorney’s office on Monday in the case of fraud of hundreds of citizens by making fake Bhutanese refugees and sending them to America.

The police have arrested 16 people for fraud and organized crime and are investigating. Just today, the police detained them for three days. Some accused of involvement are absconding. Sitaram Rizal, Superintendent of Police of the area, said that he would submit a report to prosecute all the cases that are attracted by the law.

In this incident, a complaint has been filed from one hundred and six victims that they have been defrauded of 232.5 million. According to the police sources, it is said that the report with the opinion that some should be prosecuted for fraud and organized crime and some for treason.

In that incident, former Deputy Prime Minister Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, former Home Minister Balkrishna Khand, then Home Secretary Teknarayan Pandey, Bhutanese refugee leader Teknath Rizal, then Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal’s security adviser Indrajit Rai, Chairman of Haj Committee Shamsher Mian, former Speaker Angtawa Sherpa, then Home Minister Khan’s personal assistant Narendra KC, Sandeep Rayamazhi. Gang members Keshav Dulal, Sanu Bhandari, Sandesh Sharma, Sagar Rai, Tank Gurung, Gobind Chaudhary and Ramsharan KC have been arrested. Former home minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal’s son Prateek and Indrajit Rai’s son Neeraj are absconding.

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