The words spoken by MP Shahi were removed from the record


The words spoken by CPN-UML MP Dayal Bahadur Shahi have been removed from the record of Parliament.

While commenting on the government’s policies and programs in the House of Representatives meeting on Sunday, Deputy Speaker Indira Ranamar, who was sitting in the Speaker’s seat, ordered that the words spoken by him be removed from the record, saying that they were against parliamentary dignity.

UML MP Shahi made a comment in Parliament by naming Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa, Bishwaprakash Sharma and Joint General Minister Badri Pandey.

It is natural for the wisdom of the old general ministers to get confused when they take office, but by naming Tej Karam General Minister Gagan Thapa, Bishwa Prakash Sharma, Joint General Minister Badri Pandey, he did not hesitate to leave the principle of BP for the sake of power? He asked. He also accused the Congress of throwing caste into the mix for 7 ministers.

Then Congress MP Ishwari Neupane objected to the rules and demanded that it be removed from the record, so the expression was removed.

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