President of Integrated Samajwadi Bhaktapur Dr. Koju


Bhaktapur Nagar Chairman of Nepal Communist Party Integrated Samajwadi Dr. Rajendra Koju has been elected. The party’s first city convention in Bhaktapur on Saturday. A new 51-member working committee was elected under the chairmanship of Koju.

Janu Nhemafuki was elected as the vice president of the elected working committee, and Ramakrishna Chusyabagh was elected as the secretary. Anita Jati, Rashmi Shrestha, Sunita Maharjan Chaguthi, Shyama Naiva and others are among the members.

The session was inaugurated by Gangaram Tuladhar, Central Deputy General Secretary of the party.

Party central member and district coordinator Dhurbaram Bista, former communist leader Nhuche Bahadur Dhukuchoo, party district president Shyam Basnet and others said that the party should move forward with the plan to make the party the first party in Bhaktapur.

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