I accept the decision of the Supreme Court, the way of review is also open: Resham Chaudhary


Resham Choudhary, who was convicted in the Tikapur incident of Kailali and is serving his jail sentence, has accepted the Supreme Court’s decision and said that the way for review is open. Accepting the decision of the Supreme Court on Tuesday upholding the life imprisonment sentence of the District Court and the High Court, he responded that the way for review is also open.

Chowdhury, who is in Delhi Bazar Jail, issued a statement on Wednesday saying that he would accept the court’s order and also asked him not to post freely about the Tikapur incident on social media.

‘The decision made by the honorable Supreme Court on the 2nd of June 2080 may not be fair to me, but there is no option to accept it. Accepting the decision made targeting the Tikapur incident, the way for a review is open for us tomorrow,’ he wrote in the statement.


Dated 2080/2/3

Party leaders, workers, Vuddhijeevi, my supporters and brothers

The decision of the Honorable Supreme Court dated 2nd June 2080 may not be fair to me, but there is no option to accept it. Accepting the decision made by targeting the Tikapur incident, tomorrow is open for us to reconsider. We always respect the honorable court, and everyone should respect the honorable court equally. Now, I request you not to post whatever you find on Jalabhavi social networks, making the decision of the Tikapur incident uncontrollable. I still have faith in the honorable Supreme Court. We are still in the judicial process. Therefore, I have issued this statement requesting everyone to respect the honorable Supreme Court. I am paying the prison term with patience and tolerance in Dillibazar cause. I am healthy. The mind is not disturbed all night. I am writing a book. He wants to leave saying that he will meet you with the book named ‘Dharatal’ in a few days. Hail Citizen.
Resham Chaudhary, Dillibazar Jail

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