Australian Assistant Foreign Minister Tim Watts visits the Tilganga Eye Institute


Australian Assistant Foreign Minister Tim Watts visited Tilganga Eye Institute on Tuesday. He visited all eye service providing units and departments of the institution as well as Fred Hallows Foundation Nepal Office. At the same time, he Dr. A discussion was held with Sanduk Ruit and the executive team.

On that occasion, he commented in the visitor’s book, “I am very impressed with your high level of professionalism and productivity. It has brought significant changes in human life. “Good work” has been mentioned. For the past thirty years, Fred Hallows Foundation Australia and Tilganga Eye Institute have been cooperating in various ways to provide eye health services, he said.

With the help of Fred Hallows Foundation, it has become possible to produce an intraocular lens to be placed after cataract surgery and distribute the lens in Nepal and internationally. In addition, Tilganga Eye Institute said that on this occasion, the Australian Minister and the executive of the institute discussed the issue of cooperation in the expansion of eye health services in Nepal and the region.

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