Yuva Sangh’s warning to prevent abuse of government funds


The youth organization Rashtriya Yuva Sangh Nepal Dhading has drawn the attention of the government to prevent misuse of government vehicles.
Rashtriya Yuva Sangh Dhading has submitted a letter of attention to the district administration office on Monday to stop the misuse of misused government vehicles.

The team led by Sunil Tamang, president of National Youth Association Dhading, submitted the attention letter to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration through Assistant Chief District Officer Hari Prasad Adhikari.

All the 13 local level chiefs, deputy chiefs, ward presidents of 104 wards and government employees have been provided with vehicles to facilitate the regular services provided by the state to the people, but most of the government vehicles are used for the personal work of the people’s representatives, party-specific work and the work of the relatives of the people’s representatives. It is said in the attention letter that it is found to be used more.

It has been mentioned in the attention letter that government vehicles are widely used outside the work area, outside the office hours, even on public holidays, to monitor and control all related agencies through the district administration office. It has also warned that if the regulatory body delays the action process under this or that pretext, the Rashtriya Yuva Sangh Dhading itself will be forced to control such activities on the road as a civilian traffic police.

UML Bagmati State Committee Member Dhruv Sharma Rupakheti, Central Member of National Youth Union of Nepal Kamal Silwal, Youth Union State Committee Member Ram Kumar Thapa, Yuva Union Secretary of Dhading Harisharan Jamaktel and other youth leaders of the district were present.

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