Politics cannot be defended simply by calling regression death: Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha


Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha has said that political change cannot be defended only by calling regression death.

Chief founder of Lok Sahitya Parishad and literary centenarian Dr. On the occasion of Satya Mohan Joshi’s 104th birth anniversary, Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha said in a program organized by Lok Sahitya Parishad today at Mangal Bazar in Lalitpur, since the goals could not be achieved according to the needs of the Nepali people and the instructions given by Nepali political changes, he said that by solving any problems in this context, he will reach the place of achieving the goal of prosperity.

He said, “The people know that the country will not change unless the political party and leader change.” People are giving us the same message. It is necessary to break the web of corruption as good governance with effective control of corruption is the first condition to absorb it.” Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha says that good governance cannot be established if the web of commission and corruption cannot be broken. He said that the current government is determined to establish good governance, accelerate the journey of prosperity and establish social justice.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha expressed his commitment to take serious initiatives on what can be done on behalf of the government to establish Joshi as a national hero.

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