The common enemy of the country is corruption, all parties must work together to eradicate it: Speaker Lamichhane


Ravi Lamichhane, the chairman of the National Independent Party, has said that corruption is the common enemy of the country, so all parties should work together to eradicate it. Speaking at the National Independent Party Suryavinayak Nagar Samiti formation program in Bhaktapur today, he said that the corrupt people of the country started fleeing with the government’s action against the corrupt.

Chairman Lamichhane said, “If we had worked against corruption in the first place, we would not have had to deal with scandals now. The government is now tight-fisted. We will not hand over any scandals to the next generation. We will finish all the scandals and put all the guilty ones in jail. If the government withdraws from this, The new party and the people will not leave.”

“Those who came wearing air slippers yesterday do not walk without a Hajai ship today, those who eat money and suck the sweat of the poor should be jailed, everyone knows who the corrupt are,” said Chairman Lamichhane, everyone’s bank accounts, accounts, phones, their relatives’ accounts, houses, houses Let’s do it, the government should not make any effort to find the source of income for their previous and current changes.

Lamichhanel, who is also the former deputy prime minister and home minister, said that his party will stand as a supportive opposition to the government that has been working for the people. Chairman Lamichhanel said, “I visited the prime minister yesterday in Baluwatar, I encouraged him to open all the corruption files one after another. Regardless of the party leader, don’t try to protect him, take action against the culprits, if our party works in favor of the citizens, we will help them.”

Requesting the government to take action and arrest the culprits, he thanked the government for the fake Bhutanese refugee case and said that he will open the files of all the cases like Widebody, Yeti, Omni, etc. He said that if the top leaders of the past three days try to change the topic of the corruption case by sitting free and trying to give immunity to the guilty, we will take the people with us and ring the bell against it.
He said that this party has come out by ringing the bell against corruption since last November 4th and not through the abuse of state power, hooliganism and money, but by winning the hearts of the people, this party has come forward to complete the changes sought by the common people.

He said, “From the party with a long history in the elections, all the media went against us, but the people supported us. We came only by ringing the bell, but in their minds, the bell has started ringing, so the sound of the bell will not stop without taking account of the corrupt people one by one.”

“If we had worked against corruption in the first place, we would not have to deal with scandals now. The government is now tight-fisted. We will not hand over any scandals to the next generation. All the scandals will be solved and all the guilty will be jailed. If the government withdraws from this, the new party and People will not leave.”

He said that anyone who comes with the wrong intention of taking personal interest and benefits has no place in his party, he said that if he finds out about any such activity, he will leave the party immediately and the example of this has been seen from the action taken against the MP.

In the program, Santosh Pariyar, chief whip of RSVP, pointed out that all parties should work together to purify politics and accused the leaders of intentionally impoverishing the people through corruption. He claimed that there will be no other party in Bhaktapur by the 2084 election saying that the country cannot be spoiled for the selfishness and happiness of the leader.

In the program, the central member of RSWP Dr. Toshima Karki said that the day after the people won and sent him away, corruption was rampant due to the desire to think of himself as a political leader and to look for big palaces. He said that the anti-corruption campaign should be completed by opening every file of corruption and taking action against those who waste the country’s wealth.

Chairman of the program and Bhaktapur coordinator of RSVP, Rameshwar Basnet said that the new generation will be given the responsibility of the city committee of the party.

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